Shiitake Mushroom Sawdust Spawn


This contains Shiitake Mushroom Sawdust.

Easy for log inoculation.

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The Shiitake Mushroom  (Lentinula edodes), is renowned for it’s culinary flavor and texture as well as its health benefits.

This is a good dowel species for beginners because it has long duration of fruiting and adaptability to diverse wood types.

The typical wood type used in Australia is a smooth bark Eucalyptus (Shining Gum Eucalyptus nitens, Sugar Gum E. cladocaylx, Blue Gum E. globulus are some examples). Other species such as Oak, American storax, ash, chestnut, hornbeam, ironwood and hickory work well too.

Sawdust inoculated logs start fruiting 6 months to 2 years after inoculation but will continue to fruit for up to 5 years.

Sawdust inoculation is one of the most natural ways to grow mushrooms and is best suited for the outdoor environment. A great feature for the garden.

2kg of sawdust spawn will inoculate 15 logs with the dimensions of 10 – 15cm in diameter and 1m in length.

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