Mushroom Blocks

Mushroom Block Kits are a great easy way to grow mushrooms at home. There are no messy preparations required and the results are spectacular and quick.
Growing gourmet mushrooms with mushroom blocks are easy to do and will provide you with a variety good quality fresh mushrooms. It takes up little space.
With your Mushroom Block Kit you are provided with the enriched sawdust block inoculated with a mushroom variety, humidity tent, skewers and full instructions.

There are many varieties of mushrooms you can grow so you can experience different flavours and a wider range of health benefits.

Below are the various mushroom varieties we have available.

We prepare and incubate the Mushroom Blocks at our facility to ensure a high success rate and ready to fruit upon arrival. All the hard work is done by us to give you a positive experience growing mushrooms.

Our Mushroom Blocks can be enriched in our lab with wastes such as spent grains from breweries and coffee grinds from cafes. We believe using waste streams like these help the environment.

Here are some post of what we have been doing with waste streams and our Mushroom Blocks.

In the brewing process a mash is made from hydrating barley and other grains in hot water to activate malt ...
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Mushroom Block Kits look great when they are showing off all their mushrooms. Why not display them on a shelf, table or make a mushroom fairy garden.
When finished producing mushrooms the Mushroom Block Kit can be recycled in the compost or added to the green waste bin.
Mushroom Blocks differ from sawdust spawn because they contain a supplement to increase yields and are ready to produce mushrooms. Most gourmet and medicinal mushrooms grow on Mushroom Blocks and will provide a quicker and more predictable yield than growing on logs, totem poles or stumps.
They shouldn’t be used as spawn because the supplement increases the risk of mold outbreaks and insect/animal damage to the new substrate.