How to Cold Pasteurise Straw

Use this straw to grow Oyster Mushrooms

These instructions will pasteurise enough straw to fit into a 10L pail bucket Or Holey Bucket

Materials and tools.

    1.5kg of Barley, Wheat or Oaten Straw (not hay and nor pea straw)

    Something to cut straw with. I use a brush cutter and large bin but shears work.

    Pillow case, hessian bag or woven plastic bag or something similar to hold the straw while soaking.

    50L plastic container, bath or drum.

    20L of pasteurising mixture (See Pasteurising Mixture Recipes )

    Optional 4 Hand sized pieces of cardboard.

Step 1

Weigh out 1.5kg of straw and place it into a container for cutting. I place mine into a pickle drum.

Step 2

Using your shears or brush cutter roughly shred the straw. I try to get most of it around 3cm in length.
If you use a brush cutter make sure you use a dust mask and protective glasses.

Step 3

Put your straw and cardboard into a 50L container add enough pasteurisation mixture to so that there is a bit of water in the bottom but not so that the straw is floating in water.
Stomp on the straw like you are crushing grapes to help start the soaking of the pasteurising mixture.

Step 4

Let it soak for 12 – 16 hours (but no longer), and then place it into the bag for draining.
Let the bag drain for 2 hours over the top of the left over liquid. Use the straw immediately.

Step 5

You can use the left over pasteurising mixture to pasteurise more straw till it is all used. No waste!


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