How To Make Holey Bucket for Oyster Mushrooms


Materials and tools.

  • Marker
  • Drill
  • 25mm Hole Saw
  • 250g of grain spawn
  • 10L food grade Pail bucket with lid.
  • You can use larger buckets just drill more holes
  • Some safety equipment like gloves and glasses.

Step 1

Mark 12 holes around the bucket in my example I will do 3 rows.

I will also mark a hole on the bottom at the front in line with the middle of the handle so excess water has somewhere to drain

Step 2

At each marking drill with the hole saw drill a small hole. Then put set the drill in reverse and drill a large hole.

Running the drill in reverse will still cut a hole but will help prevent cracking of brittle plastics.

Step 3

Wash your bucket and lid with detergent and maybe some bleach.