Red Reishi Mushroom Grain Spawn – Made from Biodynamic, Organic, Kosher Certified Grain


This contains Red Reishi Mushroom grain spawn.

Vigerous and easy to grow.



The Reishi Mushroom, is a vigorous grower that can handle a large range of woody substrates.

It is vigorous, but can be take 6 weeks or more to start producing fruit bodies (mushrooms)

The recommended substrate for using Reishi grain spawn, is supplemented sawdust (Please refer to the book Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets). However other substrates for agricultural wastes could be used such as coffee grinds but at high risk to contamination.

Red Reishi mushrooms highly medicinal. The mushrooms are in edible because they are so hard, but the medicinal properties can be extracted in many ways. The most common use of Red Reishi mushroom is in either a tea by itself or added to coffee. It has a bitter flavor.

They prefer warm humid conditions. They do well in the temperature range of 24c – 30c at 75 – 85% relative humidity. They require a source of light similar to indirect sunlight.

They can be grown in warmer conditions however frequent misting or watering is required. Fruits size and yields may decrease.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Container Size

250g Tub, 1.5 Kg Bag, 2.5Kg Bag

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