Pioppino Mushroom Grain Spawn – Made from Biodynamic, Organic, Kosher Certified Grain


This contains  Pioppino Mushroom grain spawn.
Made Fresh. Please Allow up to 2 Weeks Before Postage.

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Pioppino mushrooms are nutritious, medicinal and tasty. The flavor is like bacon and commonly used in Italian recipes and omelets. They can be preserved by dehydration.

They prefer mild conditions so it is best to grow them in winter and parts of spring and Autumn(16 – 22°C) fruiting temperature. They require a source of light similar to indirect sunlight.

They can be grown in warmer or cooler conditions. However frequent watering is required in warmer conditions. Fruits size and yields may vary on tree species used and climate conditions.

This product is made fresh and can take up to 3 weeks for it to be ready for postage. This is to ensure purity and vitality upon delivery.

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