Elm Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn – Made from Biodynamic, Organic, Kosher Certified Grain


This contains Elm Oyster Mushroom grain spawn.

Vigerous, high yield and easy to grow.



The Elm Oyster Mushroom  (Pleurotus ulmarius), is a vigorous grower that can handle a large range of substrates and climates.

Because it is vigorous, it is easy to grow and perfect for beginners.

The recommended substrate is cold alkaline or hot pasteurised straw (wheat, barley or oaten). However other substrates for agricultural wastes can be used such as Hardwood sawdust, Paper, seed/nut husks, stalks, corn cobs and even coffee grinds.

Oyster mushrooms are nutritious, medicinal and tasty. The flavour is medium and commonly used in Asian recipes, omelets, stir-fry’s and more. They can be preserved by dehydration.

They prefer cold conditions so it is best to grow them in winter and parts of spring and Autumn(10 – 20°C) fruiting temperature. They require misting twice daily. They require a source of light similar to indirect sunlight.

They can be grown in warmer conditions quite successfully however frequent misting or watering is required.

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Weight .4 kg
Container Size

250g Tub, 1.5kg Bag, 2.5kg Bag

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