Use Mushroom Weed Mat Spawn in garden beds and large pots. The garden will produce gourmet mushrooms and suppress weeds at the same time.
Create edible mushroom landscapes in those unproductive shady areas. Perfect for mulched gardens and large pots. You could create a fairy garden with real mushrooms.
The success rate is high and perfect for beginners and children to use. Take care to prevent the fungi from drying out and dying.
Each mat is 360mm square and 5mm thick. It has 3 small precut holes for seedlings and a large centre hole for larger plants.
Each order is packaged in a reclaimed food-grade pail bucket containing 9 mats. This covers just over 1m square.
The mat contains living mushroom tissue called mycelium. Mulch, woodchips or straw placed on top provides a food source for the mushroom.
The mushroom mycelium will grow through the mulch and glue it together. This reduces erosion and makes it harder for weeds to emerge.
Mycelium grows off the mat to decomposes the woody materials into compost. This improves soil and provides nutrients for soil life and plants to grow healthy.
With good care and right conditions, mushrooms will grow out of the mulch.

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