Use Mushroom Dowels to grow mushrooms on logs and stumps. Make perfect holes and use the applicator and melted beeswax to seal dowels and log ends.

The Mushroom Drill Bit makes perfect holes for the Dowel Spawn. Hammer the Dowel Spawn into the holes to introduce the mushroom to the log or stump.
Apply melted beeswax with the applicator to seal the dowels and the log ends. The beeswax temporarily protects the dowels and the cut wood from insects and competing fungi.

Mushroom dowels introduce the mycelium of the mushroom to the stumps or logs.

With proper care taken and right conditions, mushrooms will for on the inoculated wood. When the food source exhausted the fungi will starve and die and the wood will be decomposed.

The mushroom variety will determine what tree species to use. This is explained in the product page description.

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