Use Mushroom Mulch Spawn to introduce gourmet mushrooms into your garden. A hessian sandbag and reclaimed food-grade pail bucket contain the spawn.

Create an edible mushroom landscape in those unproductive shady areas. Or create a fairy garden with real mushrooms.

The mycelium runs off the mulch spawn grows through the garden. It feeds on the dead material, breaking it down into compost, and recycled into the ecosystem. Plant health improves as the nutrients become available from the decaying mulch.

The mushroom mycelium appears as tiny white roots growing on the wood chips. When well established the mushrooms mycelium growth changes into root-like threads. This is rhizomorphic growth, indicative of healthy vigorous growth.
With good care and right conditions, the fungus forms a mushroom.
The Hessian bag provides a material media for the mushroom to grow on. This and can be used as a small weed mat or to inoculate make more mulch spawn before it deteriorates and decomposes.

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