Mushroom spawn is a specially prepared food source that the mushroom survives on. It is used to introduce the mycelium of the mushroom to a growing media such as straw, logs, wood chips, and nutrified sawdust.

The gourmet mushroom varieties sold in our shop are decomposing fungi.
They use plant-based dead or dying materials as a food source and a media to survive.
When the food source exhausted the fungi will starve and die.

The mushroom variety will determine what media you can use. For example:

  • Shiitake mushrooms will grow on sawdust and tree logs,
  • King Stropharia will grow on woodchips, straw and some compost mixes, and
  • Oyster mushrooms will grow on most plant-based materials but compost.
Display for mushroom spawns

An array of mushroom spawn types.

The media will determine what spawn to use.

Grain spawn is used to introduce the fungi to pasteurised straw and sterilised nutritious sources such as coffee grounds.
This can also be used to make more spawn.

Sawdust Spawn is commonly used to introduce fungi to hardwood chips, hardwood sawdust and hardwood logs.

Mulch spawn is used to introduce fungi into a mulched garden bed.

These spawns are introduced as a ratio of spawn to the substrate of 1:10 for beginners and 1:40 for advanced users.

Dowel spawn is a wooden dowel that is knocked into holes drilled into hardwood logs. It is temporarily sealed with beeswax to protect the dowel from weather, pests and disease.

Mat spawn is a convenient weed mat that introduces fungi into a mulched garden bed.
Clear garden beds of debris down to the soil layer for the mat spawn. Place the prepare mulch on top of the mat to a depth of 10-20cm.

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