For these terms and conditions all Mushroom Spawn, Culture, and Bulk Substrate products include inoculated and non-inoculated.

1. Product Standard.

Slapes Mushroom House, use selected mushroom spawn and cultures that is constantly screened and maintained. Mushroom quality is a reflection of the environment in which they are grown, some of these selected cultures originate from the urban and natural environments of South Australia.

The books following books:

  • Stamets, Paul (2000). Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms: Shokuyō Oyobi Yakuyō Kinoko No Saibai. Berkeley, Calif: Ten Speed Press. ISBN 1-58008-175-4.
  • Stamets, Paul (2005). Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World. Berkeley, Calif: Ten Speed Press. ISBN 978-1-58008-579-3.
  • McCoy, Peter (2016). Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working With Fungi. Portland, Oregon: Chthaeus Press. ISBN 978-0986399602.

are a comprehensive and inspirational source of information covering every aspect of mushroom cultivation—addresses many of your questions and concerns regarding the use of spawn, cultures,bulk substrates and equipment.
Slapes Mushroom House mushroom spawn and cultures are made in controlled laboratory conditions. It is then monitored for contamination. Any contaminated spawn or culture is disposed of and not sold.
Slapes Mushroom House bulk substrates are made in controlled laboratory or sanitised room conditions. It is then monitored for contamination. Any contaminated bulk substrate is disposed of and not sold.

2. Mushroom Spawn and Culture Use.

Spawn, cultures and bulk substrates are not for human consumption.

Your mushroom spawns, cultures and bulk substrates will arrive in, but not limited to polypropelene and glass containers, some with microporus filters for sufficient gas exchange.
Upon receipt, place your spawns, cultures and bulk substrates at room temperature (approx. 70° F, 21° C) for approximately 24 hours.

After this recovery period, you can utilise the inoculated mushroom spawn and cultures for production or experimental trials. After the resting period, we insist you conduct mini-trials from your spawn and cultures by growing out samples on a suitable substrate. You are cautioned not to rely on the suitability or vigour of the strains until you have completed your mini-trials. Upon successful completion of mini-trials, you may grow out the spawn on a suitable substrate. For questions about storage, substrate compatibility, mini-trials or other practical aspects of working with this mycelial spawn, refer to books referenced in 1. Product Standard. Additionally, we occasionally run hands-on workshops. Contact us for more details.

3. Terms of Sale.

All products must be paid in full prior to postage.

Measures are made to use packaging that minimises the chance of damage in postage. However, we are not responsible for damages caused while in postage.

Some items including but not limited to mushroom kits or spawn may take up to 3 weeks to post. This is to ensure optimal vitality upon arrival.
Please check product description as this may change your shipping decision.

4. Limited Warranty.

Slapes Mushroom House guarantees to our customer that the spawn or culture will be viable upon receiving. We will replace any mushroom spawn or culture stored and used according to this Mushroom Spawn Sale Agreement if the mushroom spawn or culture does not demonstrate vitality and purity during the expansion stage. If you wish to request replacement spawn, please provide an explanation with photos of the problem/s you are having and forward your inquiry to either our mailing address or our email, We will promptly replace your spawn at no additional charge, subject only to availability. If your spawn, culture or bulk substrate is no longer available, we will talk with you about providing a suitable replacement species. This culture, spawn and bulk substrate is being provided as an educational service, and we make no guarantee as to their productivity, usefulness, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise unless stated in this Agreement. Slapes Mushroom House, shall not be responsible for consequential damages or other damages except as specified. This is the sole and exclusive limited warranty provided by Slapes Mushroom House, and customer agrees that the limit of Slapes Mushroom Houses liability to customer shall be the purchase price.

5. Limitation of Use.

Your Slapes Mushroom House mushroom spawn, culture and inoculated bulk substrate is conditionally delivered subject to your agreement to comply with the following limitation of spawn, culture and inoculated bulk substrate use:

You may not sell, transfer, market or assign Slapes Mushroom House spawn(s), culture(s) or inoculated bulk substrate(s)—or any spawn(s), culture(s) or inoculated bulk substrate(s) subsequently derived therefrom—in any way, shape or form without our written consent.

You may not represent these spawn(s), culture(s) or inoculated bulk substrate(s) as being connected with Slapes Mushroom House without our written consent.

You may only use these spawn(s), culture(s) or inoculated bulk substrate(s) for fresh and dried fruit body products, and for your personal use to grow spawn for fresh and dried fruit body products.

6. Mushroom Spawn Species.

Documentation included with your order will indicate which species you have purchased. Please verify the markings on containers. Remember, all the information you are likely to need concerning the use, propagation, and production of mushrooms from this spawn is in books referenced in 1. Product Standard.

7. Liability

You acknowledge and agree that our products do not have any guarantees about the results of mushroom cultivation. Regardless whether a product or service is recommended, we absolutely do not make any guarantees as to results. Moreover, results and success are dependent on many different factors, and we cannot make any guarantees. Your results and success is dependent on your own efforts, particular situation, environment, and numerous other circumstances that are beyond our control and responsibility.

Your , use and reliance on any product provided by Slapes Mushroom House is solely at your own risk.

We may make changes to these terms and conditions, at any time. You will be legally bound by the updates or amended terms from the first time you use after we put the changes on-line.