Sterilised Rye Grain with Silicon Injection Port


Contains 1.4kg +-100g of sterilised hydrated Cereal Rye.
Biodynamic and Organic. Read more…
Suitable for most cultivated mushroom species.

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Inject your own spores or mushroom cultures into the bag and make your own grain spawn.
Suitable for most cultivated mushroom species.

Contains Australian grown biodynamic/organic rye grain and ultrafine high-quality South Australian Coorong gypsum.

Mushroom spores and cultures should be free of contaminants such as mold and bacteria.
Before injecting through the port. the needle must be flamed red hot and free of soot. The injection port on the bag must be wiped with 70%+ alcohol.
The needle must go through the silicon and filter patch and must not pierce any part of the plastic bag.
The injection site must be wiped again with alcohol after the needle is removed.

Biodynamic farming is a form of esoteric organic agriculture that integrates practices into an ecosystem. Because mushrooms are ecosystem cleaners they accumulate toxins in their fruit bodies. Therefore it is important to select chemical-free products for growing healthy mushrooms.
Biodynamic practices create healthy, resilient soils by renewing and replenish soil micro-organisms, nutrients and organic matter. This enables nutrient-rich, chemical-free produce whilst providing a sound future for the earth. Read more…

Cereal Rye is soaked and sterilised at 121°C @ 15psi for 2 hours
Contains 1.4kg +-100g of sterilised hydrated Cereal Rye

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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 14 × 15.5 × 26 cm

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