King Stropharia Grain Spawn


Grow King Stropharia mushrooms in your garden using grain spawn.
Backorders take approximately 3 weeks to prepare.
Contains approximately 1.4kg of grain spawn.

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To make mushroom patches in your garden use King Stropharia mushroom spawn.
Mix the spawn with woody substrates such as mulch and straw to produce flushes of mushrooms.
Shady spots and gaps between plants will become productive with gourmet mushrooms.

For Adelaide gardens and similar climates. Mid-March through to January is the season for making King Stropharia garden patches.
A Shaded spot with irrigation is the best position for a King Stropharia Mushroom patch. Yet they can grow in full sun too.
Mushrooms will form when the weather is warm.

King Stropharia Mushrooms are nutritious and tasty.
The flavour is strong with a silky texture and tastes like field mushrooms but with a sweet flavour.
It tastes great in stroganoff, omelettes, stir-fries and more. Dehydration is an effective way to preserve excess mushrooms.

We use Food-grade Oak sawdust to make sawdust spawn. Use it to inoculate woody substrates such as woodchips or mulch.
We use Biodynamic, Organic, Kosher certified Rye Corn Grain to make grain spawn. Use it to inoculate straw substrates.

Before inoculating with spawn substrates need to be pasteurised.
Please refer to Paul Stamets book, “Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms”, “Mycelium Running” and “The Mushroom Cultivator” for preparation and use.

The “Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Method” requires an understanding and appreciation for Nature. The farm is a living individuality and we need to work within the laws of nature.

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This product is made fresh and can take up to 3 weeks for it to be ready for postage. This is to ensure purity and vitality upon delivery.

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