King Oyster Mushroom Farm

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The King Oyster Mushroom Farm is perfect for beginners. This farm will grow oyster mushrooms out of the box and provide you with fresh mushrooms.

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The King Oyster mushrooms taste great and suit various cuisines. They are often used as a vegan alternative for pulled pork.

The King Oyster Mushroom Farm is an easy and ready way to grow mushrooms.
It makes a great unique gift that keeps on giving.
The stylish box has an area to write a message, so there is no need to buy a card or use wrapping.

This farm will provide you with delicious, fresh and healthy mushrooms that you can grow indoors.
Put this box on display and watch the mushrooms grow. There is no need to hide them in the dark. King Oyster mushrooms are extremely thick and meaty and tend to grow in small clusters, unlike other oyster mushroom varieties.
They are also a great source of nutrients and compounds that help the immune system.

It is easy to look after this mushroom farm.
Find a sheltered location (preferably indoors), with indirect sunlight or artificial light. Place the box on a dish.

Remove the perforated cardboard and cut the plastic underneath.

Mist twice a day

The oyster mushroom will grow out of the box.

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