is a gamified community shop. Like any community, it relies on a few shared values to ensure it remains a nice place to visit. relies on moderation by staff administration, bot filtering and self-moderation.
Self-moderation means that we may need to be made aware of any content which is breaking our house rules. If you come across anything which you think is going against what we believe in, please get in touch.
Here are our house rules for using

You must be an adult to register.

Legally you must be at least 13 years of age to use a social media website.
Slapes Mushroom House requires you to be accompanied by an adult if you are under the age of 18.
We believe that this will improve the quality of content and reduce bullying.

Avoid posting information and media containing children.

Children will develop a sense of themselves as individuals and they care how the world sees them. Respect their privacy. As they develop, they may become embarrassed of past and present photos posted online.
Others may react to photos of children posted on social media sites. It may expose them to bullying.
It is also impossible to control information once it’s posted online. This information may become harmful and even dangerous to individuals and families.

No advertising, promotions, product comparisons or links to third-party business websites or product comparisons allowed.

Whilst we provide a service that is educational, social and fun. We have a business to run that relies on the sale of products and services.
Posting information about a competitor’s site, service or products can negatively affect the income, image and development of Slape Mushrooms House.
Don’t use the site for commercial/advertising purposes, or for posting questions for studies or assignments.
Any content relating to this will be removed and user accounts suspended.
If you would like to provide a product or service through this site contact Slapes Mushroom House via Email 

No selling of used equipment.

Please don’t use our website to promote products or services which you will make money from.
If you have equipment that needs a new home, use other websites such as Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

No offensive material allowed.

Be respectful of others in the forum. Treat them how you’d like to be treated. We won’t tolerate any disrespectful or damaging communication to others, including discriminating against their sexual orientation, gender, race, colour, religious beliefs, national origin or disability. 
Furthermore, this site may be view by children. No content containing adult explicit material is allowed. An offensive language that uses foul words is not allowed. Breaking of this house rule will ensure that your user account will be deleted and ban from the site.

Keep it legal.

Any illegal content posted will be removed. The appropriate authorities will be notified with a handover of all personal details of people(s) involved.
Keep what you write legal. Please don’t break the law, or encourage others to break the law. This includes discussing illegal behaviour, impersonating others, taking someone’s intellectual property, or breaking copyright laws by posting other people’s content. Don’t post content that would harm the reputation of any other person, a business or organisation. This may be defamatory and you will be held solely, legally responsible for this.

No requests for wild mushroom identification.

We will provide information on edible mushrooms species provided by this site. Please do not request identification from us or any other user or attempt to identify mushrooms for others.

Ask permission.

Please respect people’s privacy. Make sure you have the consent of all the people you feature in any video or image you share and don’t post other people’s personal details. This includes but is not limited to addresses, school, place of work, phone numbers, email addresses, other social networking profiles, or media.

Respect Copyright.

Please respect copyright on the Forum. If you use someone else’s ideas or words, please give them credit/acknowledgement. If you’re concerned that someone has breached copyright please let us know.

Keep Yourself Safe.

Please don’t try and contact anyone in the community outside of this forum and please don’t encourage other users to share their details with you.

Only one user account per person. has limited resources and can’t afford to provide individuals with multiple accounts.
If you are found to have multiple accounts. All accounts registered by the user including contents will be removed. The user may face a permanent ban.

Refrain from posting large amounts of images or large file sizes

Your profile is there to notify you of rewards and achievements.
Posts about your experience should be text based. Any images posted should be in regards to tasks requested in quests.
If you would like to share bountiful pictures of mushrooms you have grown. Please use the Slapes Mushroom House Facebook page.

We reserve the right to take any action on behaviour or content that is not beneficial to Slapes Mushroom House.

The house rules are not limited to above-mentioned house rules.
Slapes Mushroom House can take any action upon content or user behaviour that does not benefit the users as a whole or the benefit of Slapes Mushroom House.
Slapes Mushroom House can remove content without notice.

We want to develop a friendly, safe and vibrant social network where people feel they can develop and express their experiences. Rule breakers will be banned. We reserve the right to use our discretion on who is banned.