Mushrooms can be quite mysterious. They seem to appear out of nowhere and suddenly disappear.
Social and cultural fear of fungi called Fungophobia developed in England. Stories, myths, superstition and ignorance have fuelled Fungophobia and misinformation about mushrooms1.
Fungophobia moved to America and Australia during the British colonisation and still exists today. 

Fungophobia is a term coined in the book “An Elementary text-book of British fungi”, by British mycologist William Delisle in 1887. Fungophobia was so extreme, an individual who desired to study some fungi was faced with a great deal of scorn and classed as an idiot among the lower orders. This book, although very outdated, is a very interesting and pleasant book to read. It gives you look into British history on the understanding of what fungi are. I encourage you to read some of it.

Once we understand what fungi are, the flames of fear can be extinguished. We can embrace them in our lives and educate others.