Grow Your Own Mushrooms
Home Scale Growing Supplies and Education.

We are a S.A. based business, with a background in Permaculture.


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What is a mushroom?

What is a mushroom?

Read this on Steemit and Upvote Mushrooms can be quite mysterious. They seem to suddenly appear out of now where...

Using Spent Grains in Blue Oyster Mushroom Blocks

In the brewing process a mash is made from hydrating barley and other grains in hot water to activate malt...

Mushroom Block Kits

Mushroom Block Kits are a great easy way to grow mushrooms at home. There are no messy preparations required and...

How to Cold Pasteurise Straw

Use this straw to grow Oyster Mushrooms These instructions will pasteurise enough straw to fit into a 10L pail bucket...

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Slapes Mushroom House

Slapes Mushroom House is a S.A. business providing home scale mushroom growing products and community education.

 Our background in permaculture, landscaping and horticulture drives us to integrate mushroom growing into food systems and ecosystems.

Our aim is to provide you with a variety of quality products. Our large variety of mushroom species will provide you with fresh and healthy mushrooms varying in taste and texture.

We encourage you to try growing your own mushrooms and expand your experience with them.


The sale of our current products will hopefully fund our future goal to provide mushroom landscaping services (mycolandscaping). This will allow you to grow mushrooms in your garden amongst your trees and vegetables.

We are also interested in providing environmental services in the form of mycoremediation. Certain mushroom varieties have shown to be able to breakdown pesticides, remove heavy metals, breakdown hydrocarbons, clean contaminated water etc.
Other projects we are working on at the moment are:

  • Breeding Adelaide climate tolerant species,
  • Breeding salinity tolerant species for ocean applications (mycobooms) and farms with bore water,
  • Mycopotting mixture. A potting mixture that is inoculated with a mushroom that benefits plant growth,
  • Tree and herbaceous plants growing in the mycopotting mixture,
  • Vermi-myco-ponics. Similar to aquaponics but no fish. Worms and mushrooms in a closed loop watering system for vegetables,
  • Using Woody weeds as mushroom growing substrates, and
  • Low embodied energy for preparing mushroom substrates.